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    I create unique natural botanical designs using artistic copper electroforming techniques. Even after encasing the natural cutting in copper it remains safe inside the work. I developed my application of this art form as a high school science project and it has been my passion for several decades. Creating special projects from historic trees or winery grape leaves is especially motivating. Nature is amazing and I am very lucky to work with it in my American Craft.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I collect special cuttings from nature that exhibit impressive organic texture and shape. In the studio the pieces are covered in copper at room temperature over a 20 hour period. The process is very slow to preserve the surface detail. Once strong enough they are finished in vibrant patina. Each special creation is designed as sculpture or wearable art. Everything I create is unique to the original treasure inside.

    A: My love of copper and nature drives me. As an eagle scout I spent time growing up in the outdoors and became excited about trying to preserve organic shapes. I still get goose bumps when my creations are as beautiful as I imagined.

    A: I have been fortunate to be able to travel the world collecting samples from exotic locations. Taking photos as I collect future creations and share the moment on my website. This gives patrons a sense of being a part of the creative process. I have currently explored 85 countries...and counting.

    A: Wineries fill me with inspiration. The process and art of wine making, as well as the shape of leaves and vines, excite me. I have created work for over 20 wineries in seven different countries.

    A: Commemorating "bookmarks in life" by capturing leaves that are special to a specific event allows me to be a part of so many personal stories. I can capture ivy leaves picked from a wedding location or transform leaves from a grandparent's memorial tree into family keepsakes. The letters that come, often handwritten, after a special project is so rewarding.

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