Natural Phenomena

Curated by the Maine Crafts Association

About the collection:
As warmer weather starts to emerge here in Maine we are greeted with the signs of a new season. Budding stems, thawed waters, the return of migratory birds. Our collection focuses on these cycles of the natural calendar. Phenology is the study of cyclic and seasonal natural phenomena, in relation to flora, fauna, and climates. A celebration of what comes from the sun, precipitation, and temperature. We thought of daylight to twilight, fruiting vegetation, seeds, pollinators, and cold to warm. Just as the changing climate affects the delicate cycles of our ecosystems, the events of an artist's life cycle influence their creative pursuits. We have selected objects that are elements of or representations of these natural cycles through unique perspectives, representations, and techniques. 

About the Maine Crafts Association:
The Maine Crafts Association was founded in 1983 to support and connect Maine’s craft artists. Today, our non-profit organization provides educational programs, storytelling initiatives, community and public events, artist promotion, and resources to connect emerging, mid-career, and established craft artists, makers, and the public through craft. Our mission is to build upon Maine’s rich craft traditions by nurturing a vibrant, supportive, inclusive craft community with educational programs and resources.

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