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  • About This Artist

    I can’t think about objects without thinking about space, and I can’t think about a space without putting a body in it. Everything I make ends up relating to the human body sooner or later, so at some point I decided to skip the small talk and start calling my work jewelry. Other than its seductive quality, I make jewelry to balance my studio practice. It keeps my hands moving, it plows through creative blocks, it allows for exploration without gravity, and well, frankly, it’s my sustenance..

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I carve my jewelry out of Holly wood. I sketch my pieces directly on the wood. I cut the individual shapes on a small bandsaw and carve those shapes using various sanders. Each piece of jewelry is assembled using the appropriate finding, but mostly sterling silver and brass.

    A: Wood is the material my hands have always been drawn to. It is my natural instinct. With my love of costuming and furniture as well, so it is natural for me to combine those two passions and put wood on the body. I am constantly exploring ways in which to make wood wearable.

    A: It's incredibly light! You would never think that something that looks as chunky and bulky as wood would be light, but some of my largest wooden earrings weigh the same as a small metal pair.

    A: My inspirations come from pop culture of my childhood... and maybe a little from today. I'm always thinking about what I've seen on television or a costume in a campy movie.

    A: I share a studio with Annie Evelyn, Jack Mauch, and Shae Bishop, three of the most talented craftspeople I know. Being in the same space creating with such incredible artist quadruples my ideas, network, and outreach. We are located in a well of knowledge with our larger community near Penland School as well. The bond that we share most deeply, craft, has literally pulled us together from across the country. Craft is powerful.

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