Moon Hee Kim

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  • About This Artist

    I started my pottery career as an undergraduate at Sookmyung Women's University in Seoul,Korea where I received my BFA &MFA.I had my early works exhibited at sevral solo and invitational exhibitions and also taught at colleges in Korea. My works were exhibited several times at swan coach gallery, the Clayton art gallery, a number of art shows including the annual Hudgens art cup show. currently I am working as an instructor at Hudgens Center and also running a studio & gallery at Suwanee, GA.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I usually work on wheel and hand building. I think the harmony between texture and color is important and I think a lot of nature colors and shapes.

    A: I can see the natural texture, color and form of clay in my work. The invisible natural inspiration is also a great stimulus to me.

    A: My work is not unique or varied. I just want it to blend in well with the surrounding.

    A: Craft values practicality. Sometimes, I think of shapes and colors that are not practical and make things that I can see and feel with my eyes. It's just a sign of participation. Although it is not used directly through SNS, it is likely that there will be more participants if you create an art where you can see, hear, and participate.

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