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    I'm a San Francisco-based designer and entrepreneur whose taste for smart style and home cooking are reflected in my original, chic and highly functional designs for totes and wraps. My products come to you directly from my dreams. Sustainability informs my personal food choices, design decisions, production process and the very nature of my reusable products.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My work is a collaboration with a local seamstress and my finishing details. I created a pattern that looks simple but cleverly incorporates the thermal lining and pocket. I love the process of hot branding my totes and cutting boards — it signifies they are ready to leave me and go out into the world. The details are simple, done by hand and meant to last for years to come.

    A: I am passionate about ZERO-WASTE by being highly involved in the production. I consciously source materials in the U.S.; work with team members within two miles from my studio; and cut fabric for minimal waste. My leather is a by-product of the meat industry and leftovers inspire new designs. I am always looking for new ways to improve. My brand’s sustainability carries over into my lifestyle, local farmers and markets, sharing good food with others around the table.

    A: You can go from farm to table and beyond with my uniquely shaped, chic food carrying totes with light cutting board on bottom, pocket, and wine-strap, enabling you to effortlessly carry everything from pies to Pinot and anything else you need. Designed for food but stylish enough to carry every day.

    A: I recently went to the SFMOMA for the Nam June Paik exhibit. Seeing how artists collaborate is always inspiring, the immersive experience of sound, color, and movement. I keep a little record player close by and am always listening to old LPs. Hearing a complete album from beginning to end (with a flip in the middle) is a mediate way to engage with the music while working.

    A: My products do not stand alone, they are part of a dialogue that builds community which spans from local makers to the food community. Just this week my brand was part of a launch for a new book called Wine Style for Ten Speed Press. Carrying and sharing food is a key element of Millie Lottie, gathering around the table to eat, share and lean in to the dialogue of today.

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