Michele A Friedman

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  • About This Artist

    My jewelry is the result of my desire to incorporate color into my work without using stones. The color was to be from an alternative source. Through trial and error and consideration of many materials I concluded that wool felt was perfect. The material is durable, pliable, possesses a rich, saturated color and a hint of texture. I manipulate felt into shapes and set or inlay them like stones into my oxidized sterling silver and 18k Bi-metal jewelry. This is a technique that I developed.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My jewelry is predominantly made form oxidized sterling silver and set with wool felt. I occasionally incorporate 18k Bi-metal and 14k vermeil into my work. I use traditional metalsmithing techniques. I manipulate wool felt into shapes and essentially set them as stones into my metalwork.

    A: I love working with both traditional and alternative materials in my jewelry. I love the play the materials create between soft & hard, bright & dark and organic & industrial.

    A: My work is the only thing I can control in a chaotic time of uncertainty. It provides me with clarity, order and comfort. In the last couple of years I have made a couple of political statement pieces, which is unusual for me as my work is mostly about color, pattern, texture and functionality. Those pieces have been cathartic for me. One series of pieces was also a fundraiser, which helped me feel proactive. Additionally I have focused on making more items that I have always wanted to make but never had the time.

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