Michal Lando

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  • About This Artist

    I make work out of nylon mesh. I began making jewelry after falling in love with nylon mesh, a supple, dramatic and incredibly lightweight material that was once used as a purely structural element in hats and clothing. My work is constructed using a technique I developed by carefully applying heat to shape and structure the material into new forms. Now, more than ever, it is important to find beauty in small things, be it decorative objects for the home, or ones we use to adorn ourselves.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Nylon mesh, resin, silver. My process varies depending on the piece, but almost always begins with the material itself. It is through experimenting with material that ideas begin to form and develop.

    A: I like the intimacy of jewelry, making pieces that are worn on the body that become a part of the wearer's identity.

    A: These days I am beyond thrilled to have a studio where I can work and do something I find meaningful. Having been at home for 6 months without access to a studio, taking care and schooling two kids, I do not take it for granted to have the time and space to do my work.

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