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    I make wooden vessels, sculpture, and wall hangings by carving, turning, assembling, and painting wood. I am inspired by nature and people. I try to make wood tell a story.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I use traditional woodworking techniques and some that I have made up to sculpt wood. I have worked as a furniture builder and cabinet maker so I can draw on those skills. I like to turn wood on the lathe. Most of my work has some kind of hand carved texture. And finally, I have developed some unique finishes that I use to add color and bring the work to life.

    A: Wood is an inherently beautiful, inspiring medium. It is renewable and sustainable. People are drawn to it and curious about it. I am working hard to bring out the narrative potential of wood carving and apply my concerns about the issues of the day while still making art that people want to live with and see every day.

    A: I am also a songwriter and singer and, together with my wife, Gloria, we perform original songs and play instruments that I have made.

    A: There is usually a time in the creation of a piece where something about it surprises and delights me. It might be when I apply finish to the wood and it comes to life. Or when I make a mistake and realize that it's actually better now.

    A: My wife Gloria is my muse.

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