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    MGG Studio is a collection of sculptural jewelry inspired by modernist art and architecture, with each sleek piece designed to feel as good as it looks. Metalsmith Marja Germans Gard believes that good design and sustainability go hand in hand, using recycled metals with an eye towards minimizing waste. For Marja, sustainability means caring for the planet and for the people that inhabit it: MGG Studio supports local craft and donates a portion of each retail sale to communities in need.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I use bronze, brass, sterling silver, and 14k gold for my work. Most of my pieces are cast using recycled casting grain from United Precious Metals. For those pieces that are fabricated, I source materials from local and national vendors, prioritizing recycled or fair-trade metals. All of my pieces start with an idea or a form that’s compelling to me, something that buzzes in the back of my mind until I figure out how it’s supposed to transform into jewelry. I’m always working to create pieces that are not only visually compelling but that also feel like they belong on the body- they should just feel good when you wear them. My favorite part is the wax carving process. It requires a combination of vision, technique and patience that challenges my abilities in a way I find very satisfying. I love putting the final smoothing touches on a wax original before sending it off to my caster to transform into metal.

    A: I appreciate that jewelry is art you can wear every day. It becomes part of your self-expression and, over time, it takes on marks and patina that tell the story of your personal journey. It's a great joy when I encounter a customer who has purchased a piece from me years ago and lovingly shows me how it has taken on character from their everyday life.

    A: I find that I have to continually feed my brain to stay inspired, whether it be listening to music or leafing through old Architectural Digests. A long hike (ideally with a view of the ocean) is my go-to when I need to look at things in a new way. My craft community has also been instrumental in helping me feel supported during the trying times of this past year.

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