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    Megan-Ilene was started in 2016 by Artist and Designer, Megan Lagueruela. Megan-Ilene is a zero waste, biodegradable clothing brand and Megan is a fiber artist who makes clothes.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: All materials used are completely biodegradable and many are organic (no pesticides are used to facilitate growing or harvesting). All dyes used are either natural or low impact synthetic with a focus on low immersion techniques to prevent water waste and are safe for our city water reclamation.

    A: The color and texture! I love creating tactile things that you feel good wearing.

    A: All patterns are either designed to prevent textile off-fall or any fiber waste is reconfigured, reused or revitalized creating a closed loop, zero waste system.

    A: I weave intuitively so wonder is paramount in my process. I have to have an open mind and come to my loom with humbleness. Each piece is unique, using one of a kind materials and impossible to recreate.

    A: My partner helped me take the leap from hobby to full time artist and is my biggest fan. Having him support me is the only reason I can do this.

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