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    Material+Movement was inspired by a simple broken dish. I spent over a decade as a glass artist cutting, grinding, and polishing glass sculptures. I transferred my skills to a favorite plate that shattered, carving the shards into a necklace as a way to revive my cherished object. I was then inspired to bring this craft to others who want to honor and keep family china in a way they can fully appreciate it. I hand cut and carve the china and assemble the pieces with fine metal components.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My work is made entirely from fine china, finished with gold fill or sterling silver components. These days people don't want to keep large sets of dinnerware, so it's in abundance. I find a lot of it at thrift stores, estate sales, and by donation. I hand cut pieces out of the china, refine the shapes and thin them so they are nice and light. I polish the ceramic so no settings or metal borders are needed. Holes are drilled, and the finished pieces are put together with sterling silver or gold fill components. My post earrings are finished with super strong epoxy and surgical steel backs. Due to the salvaged material, each piece is truly one of a kind.

    A: My background is in the glass arts, and I focused a lot on coldworking techniques (the cutting, grinding, and polishing of glass). When I broke my favorite plate at home, I was inspired to take the shards into the coldworking studio as ceramic can be shaped by the same tools as glass. This kicked off an entirely new concept that involved reusing otherwise outdated objects, and preserving sentimental family heirlooms. I love the idea of transforming something into an entirely new object that also renews, improves, and modernizes it.

    A: Seeing how people are utilizing creativity within the confines of a pandemic and the resilience of the human spirit. It keeps me connected. Additionally, my clients are my biggest encouragement and keep my heart full.

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