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    In my Brooklyn atelier I design a collection of hand-dyed & manipulated textiles for accessories, garments & interior products mindful of sustainability, natural fibers, circular fashion & eco-consciousness. The atelier is a vertical operation where I do all stages of the design from conception through construction, production & marketing. Inspirations stem from my eight year sojourn working in Kyoto and Tokyo, Japan, and from extensive travels in Asia, Southeast Asia and Europe.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My collection is created in my Brooklyn atelier using hand-crafted techniques I have learned and internalized from working extensively in Japan, Asia, Southeast Asia and Europe. I work with a variety of textile manipulation methods including hand-dyeing, stitching, applique, quilting, deconstruction, pleating and couture sewing.

    A: I am passionate about using textiles to create sculptural 3D forms for the body and, in addition, manipulating colors, shapes and forms to visually change what the eye focuses on when it views the wearer of these accessories and garments.

    A: My work is constantly evolving and changing. Currently I hyper sensitive about climate change and am focused on circular fashion and sustainability. I love blues, so my natural dye of choice is indigo. This season I am in the process of making a fifty-five gallon indigo vat in my atelier to dye my collection.

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