Martha Collins

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    My passion is to create personal, unique, one of a kind works of art with the natural colors and grains of exotic woods and maple veneer that I hand dye. This is a 100 step process of lamination, band saw slicing, re-orienting the material, re-lamination and lathe turning. What excites me are the different patterns created by changing the thickness of the sliced material, its orientation, and the use of color in the dyed veneer. The interplay of these components appears like woven needlepoint

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Sustainable woods from around the world and natural veneer or dyed maple veneer. Over 100 step process of lamination, slicing, re-orienting the laminate, adding dyed veneer, re-laminating and lathe turning. 2 inch Spirit bowls with up to 1000 pieces of wood in them.

    A: All the different patterns that can be constructed by changing the thickness of the laminate slices, their orientation to each other and the color of the veneers. Any given day there are 40 different specie of wood that have be milled and are ready for lamination, all with different colors and grain patterns. The variations are endless !!

    A: The work itself !! There are always new innovations to try, new products to be made. this past year Necklaces evolved, next year I want to pursue personal Altars and Shrines.

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