Marilee Schumann Pottery

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  • About This Artist

    A potter for 40 years, I’ve tried everything. I’ve lived a life around family and work and I’ve made pots the whole time. I’ve studied here and there, looked at pots and read, gone back to school, and taught. Now I am a very basic potter. I use slabs and coils to build simple natural forms, with very little decoration. I hope to suggest nature and the history of human culture. I believe craft will endure, because without it there will be no beauty in our days.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Stoneware pottery. I buy my clay and supplies from Baltimore Clayworks Supply. I make pots by coiling or building with slabs.

    A: Clay is forgiving and kind. It waits patiently in the ground for us to find when we need it. It welcomes our touch, no matter how clumsy or how demanding. It allows us to speak our mind when we can’t find the words. When we’re done with it, it’s beautiful and truthful. When we’re really done with it, it can go back to the earth to wait patiently for the next millennia.

    A: During the pandemic, I've been free of outside responsibilities and have had more time to work slowly in my studio. Plus, I take care of my grandchildren, and the joy that brings me has relieved me of the pressure to produce exacting work.

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