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    I am inspired by forms and textures found in the natural world. Light is an integral part of my work; I am interested in how it interacts with the objects I create. I explore how light can be reflected, absorbed, radiated, and experienced. Working primarily in porcelain, most of my pieces are made on the potter's wheel and hand-carved while other vessels are cast from translucent, porcelain slip and altered. As a maker, I strive to create work that enhances a space and is useful in daily ritual.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Porcelain, glazes, 22k gold lusters. Carving tools. My clays are sourced from American Clay providers and my tools are mostly made in the United States. The process in creating my work is I throw my vessels on the potter's wheel then alter and carve the pieces for texture and for light to emit through or cast shadows. I sometimes slip cast my pieces to achieve more translucency in vessels.

    A: I love the intimacy of working with clay, the endless possibilities and that I must be present and connected to the medium. I also am passionate about creating work that is used by others ritually and the intimacy they might experience using my work. Also that they user may share these pieces in their home or work or give it away.

    A: I am feeling nourished and inspired by my children and being outside with them. They help keep me motivated to keep making and also being outside---the ocean and mountains are always huge sources of inspiration to me. I feel lucky to be in driving distance to both. I am also inspired by the community of artists I am fortunate to have. Seeing them keep at it, create interesting work, certainly is motivating! Clay is also very good for my anxiety and I find that when I am present with my work I can feel way more at peace when I have the time to focus on my ceramics.

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