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  • About This Artist

    Much of my work is inspired by my physical surroundings, highlighting the value of small things in the natural world and placing that value at the intersection of a specific time and place to create an authentic token of memory. My processes include electroforming, etching and enameling to create textural organic pieces, each with one of a kind detailing, layered to create unique stories of how we are connected as community and how we stand apart as individuals.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Many of my pieces incorporate found and collected natural objects, whether set as centerpiece like a gemstone, or hidden beneath the surface, encapsulated within the copper. Typically in my work process I usually start with the elements themselves, especially in the case of commissioned pieces, and weave the visual story around it. Though a majority of the work is in electroforming, it is often layered with additional techniques such as etching and enameling.

    A: The idea of stories being incorporated into the work which could be shared or not as the wearer wishes. Actual memories or created ones. A piece becoming a time capsule or souvenir.

    A: The landscapes - urban, rural, marine...are endless! Working with ideas from nature and/or found objects, there is no burn-out, it is new every day. I have lists and sketches or layouts that have been waiting for me for years to bring them to life so it is always exciting.

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