Made Wherever I Am

Made Wherever I Am

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Truckee, CA

I'm a coast-loving Australian living in the mountains of Northern California. As the owner, designer and maker of Made Wherever I Am, I bring a casual coastal style to wild west classics, creating unique bandana-style cowl scarves and wraps using natural fibers. My pieces give the wearer an effortless style with a cheerful pop of colour and just the right of warmth. I knit each piece on a knitting machine and hand seam them, then use a long needle to weave in the colourful patterns and designs.

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Tell us how your work is made.

I make each piece myself, first knitting it on a knitting machine then hand-seaming it and finally using a long needle to weave in the colourful patterns and designs.

What makes you passionate about the medium you work with?

I get excited about the texture and the drape of textiles, especially knitwear, and like the challenge of ensuring the drape shows the textile at its best, and flatters the wearer. I have a life long love of putting colours together and get inspired by the interesting conversation that goes on between colours when you put them together and lay them over each other. I particularly enjoy unusual colour combinations. I get joy from creating something with my hands, that has come from my imagination and then goes out into the world to be used and loved. The patterns I weave are a nod to tradition and to a continuity with crafts of the past. It’s a beautiful feeling, thinking of myself in the middle of a continuum that reaches back to the past but also changes as I create pieces that are desirable and interesting for today’s world.

What is something unique about you or your practice?

My technique of combining knitting and weaving is unique, and though I didn't invent it, it's not seen often. The flattering nature of my scarves, how easy they are to wear and to make a person feel stylish always surprises my customers when they put a piece on.