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    I found jewelry making in my teens and it instantly clicked as a deeper purpose. The process of fabricating jewelry is dirty and aggressive but it leads to such a beautifully intimate object. It provides me with a way to connect to myself, but more importantly to help people connect to themselves and each other. I deeply respect the privilege of using earth's elements and create sustainable jewelry intended to act as a conduit for emotional connection.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I use traditional fabrication techniques to create jewelry with recycled precious metals and conflict free salt & pepper diamonds.

    A: As a child, I always expressed myself through art but it wasn’t until I found jewelry making at age 16, that it really click as a calling. Creating jewelry is my refuge. It’s my calm in the chaos. It provides me with a way to connect to myself and to other people on a much deeper level. The process of hand fabricating metal jewelry is dirty and loud and aggressive but it leads to such a delicately beautiful and intimate object. Just like in life, growth and change are hard but on the other side is so much beauty, that it’s totally with the messy effort.

    A: Without a doubt, my clients and their stories. I've been operating by appointment only during the pandemic and more than ever I have been so moved by their stories of love and loss and strength and perseverance. It's been such an emotional year for everyone and I consider it a great privilege to create a tangible object that helps someone express even a fraction of those emotions.

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