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  • About This Artist

    Machine in Hand makes one-of-a-kind handwoven textiles using American yarns. Weaving is a physical collaboration between the weaver and the loom. These textiles are woven to represent the actual time taken to weave cloth; highlighting labor and showing the difference between weaver-made and industrial powerloom cloth. This act of craft production hopes to keep buyers curious about who makes our clothes, who farms our fiber, and how interconnected these systems are.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I use natural fiber yarns sourced from domestic suppliers. With this yarn, I wind a warp, dress one of three looms in my studio, and then set to weaving cloth. After cutting the woven cloth off the loom, I wash and sew it.

    A: As I weave, I throw a shuttle, leaving behind a strand of yarn. That strand is a marker of the moment and location it was woven, recording a unique history of the textile as I weave it. Weaving has long been linked to an embedding of information—weaving drafts and jacquard looms are the basis for binary code and computer programming. Weaving takes time, and there are no shortcuts to the creation of cloth. Time is a concept that I’ve been researching while trying to make sense of it through my work. Translating the point where time and space meet into cloth is the basis in all I make.

    A: Weaving, like so many craft mediums, is a very present practice. The weft yarn I throw into the shed of the loom to interlace with the warp is always in the present moment: now, now, now. It’s very meditative in that way. Weaving can become almost automatic, using procedural memory to make cloth. However, I design my patterns on the loom, which adds back in that choice of where to go next: how will I record this moment into the cloth? In the end, it’s a balance of present, past and future. The challenge of striking that balance over and over again keeps me going.

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