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  • About This Artist

    Lori Meg Gottlieb is the owner, creator, and designer behind LoriMeg Designs. She has a flair for creating unique and high quality handmade pieces that are carefully crafted, yet embrace the beauty of imperfection.

    Before becoming a jeweler, Lori practiced surgery for 15 years, though art was always a part of her life. When vision problems made it impossible to practice surgery anymore, her part-time jewelry- making hobby became her full-time passion. She now uses the skills honed as a surgeon to create stunning works of art for her customers.

    Lori is inspired by what she sees as she rides her bicycle. She looks at her work as “sketches”, trying to pay homage to Mother nature and her flair for textures and repetitive patterns.

    More recently, her inspiration often comes directly from things on her bench. The negative spaces and inverse shapes of metal that results from sawing out the elements of her work become the jumping off point for new collections and designs. During the recent pandemic, she found melting the metal she had on hand and smashing it with a hammer was not only therapeutic, but resulted in wonderfully organic shapes that felt very soothing and zen like- pieces with great texture and thickened edges- each one unique. Another new collection was born. Her point of view is that you should project your best self every day and her jewelry helps you do that! Put it on, feel the energy, feel the power of your individuality, and just feel good! And if you feel good about yourself, everything else will fall into place.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Most of my work is hand fabricated in argentium silver and 22k bimetal, with some touches of 18k gold. My most recent work is created by working with molten metal and a hammer to create unique textures and shapes. When I use stones, they are generally natural surface stones such as drusy or slate with pyrite.

    A: I am passionate about making work that will be worn and fit into one's life- whether it be casual , work or a date night. I like a combination of simplicity and a sense of motion.

    A: While when I started out, I always said I was inspired by nature, and I still am, but now, alot of my inspiration comes from what is on my bench. The negative spaces and "scrap" have become the jumping off point for new collections.

    A: Wonder plays a role in my process by being playful with materials and reshaping flat metal into 3 dimensional pieces.

    A: Marley Simon and Sydney Lynch have been inspirational to me. Marley was known for unique stones and unusual setting in fine jewelry, and Sydney had a way of incorporating color and simple, but identifying elements to create beautiful masterpieces.

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