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    I make things. I don’t think about what or why; it‘s simply what I do. I have been a studio artist working primarily in clay for over 40 years. My work today, whether functional or decorative, is very much an exploration of surface and mark, contrast and balance. I love what I do.

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    A: My work is slab built and/or wheel thrown and altered stoneware and porcelain. Pieces can include additions of slips, kanthal wire, underglaze, glaze and oil paint, cold wax, metal leaf and rust on pieces that are decorative only.

    A: Clay is a receptive material, responsive to touch and pressure. I embraces clay’s limitations and perceived fragility. An unexpected crack or bloat can take me in an unplanned direction, its sensuality pulls me in. I go to sleep each night thinking about what I will make the next morning; I wake up each day itching to get into the studio.

    A: That it is clay! People sometimes think my work is wood or paper and are surprised to find out that in another life it could be a soup bowl! I have been a working studio artist my entire adult life.

    A: When I am not in the studio, when I can remove the distraction of a million things that need to get done and let ideas flow and germinate, is when I find I am able to wonder. It's when I build things in my mind and wonder about (and sometimes solve) the issues and problems that may arise in construction. Quiet time out of the studio allows me that space

    A: OK so this is going to sound corny, but the truth is it's my husband. He has helped me through the years, cooked for me, done my laundry, carried boxes, built booths, done everything to be supportive of a job that doesn't fit within "usual" hours. Don't know that he inspires my work, but he certainly has helped shape my artistic practice.

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