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    I have been weaving for close to 15 years. I make simple woven pieces to bring a little calm to your space. Weaving naturally is a calming activity. The repetition, the motions, the materials, and sounds, all work together to create an easy state of mind. The items created hold on to that calming energy. I believe in living slowly, focusing on the small details life gives you in an ordinary day. Life can easily become overwhelming, I want to help bring a small moment of calm into your everyday.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I've been exploring all aspects of weaving for close to 15 years. I currently work out of my home studio in rural VA. With the help of a 4 shaft floor loom, I use techniques and systems that have been around for centuries, to weave one of a kind modern textiles. All parts of a weaving are made solely by me, including the custom wood hanging bars. I love simple patterns and shapes, easy colors, and natural materials. There is so much to discover within the world of weaving.

    A: Even after weaving for 15 years I feel like I have just scratched the surface of the craft. The world of weaving is so vast, it's impossible to feel like you've done it all. That potential for what's next keeps me going. There's always something new to try. With so many variables to what makes up a weaving- loom, materials, patterns, the shear amount of things that can be woven- the possibilities are endless. There's so much to explore I'll be lucky if I can try it all out within my lifetime.

    A: Each and every item I make is unique because no two pieces are ever the same. I am constantly growing and evolving as a person, and so too is my work. It's always changing and I rarely create duplicates. Each piece has a style and a feeling all it's own. If I do recreate a piece it's never exactly the same as the original.

    A: I spend a lot of time weaving and a lot of time outdoors. Those are the places my inspiration comes from most. The weaving process easily creates a state of calm and meditation, perfect to let the mind wander. While I'm working on a project I'm thinking, "if I change this one step, how would this turn out differently?" That will get me started on my next project and so on. A lot of color choices come from places in time outdoors. Like peonies blooming in spring or a big sky with cotton clouds.

    A: I've recently started re-weaving old run down woven chairs. Some being handed down through families, with a long history and memories attached to them. Holding these chairs, I know someone put their love of craft into, so many years ago, is a bigger than just myself feeling. Bringing new life to these old seats, keeps them and the memory of the craftsman alive. Creating a connection to the past and also the future, perhaps one day someone will find my chairs in a barn somewhere and do the same.

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