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    I create integrated collections of wearable art and jewelry inspired by the elements, natural forms, and the tension found at the edge. My clothing features relaxed but elegant silhouettes, and organic and eco-conscious fabrics when possible. My Caldera Collection enamel jewelry pieces focus on volume and texture, with an elemental quality, and my metal jewelry pieces feature irregular forms, selective forming and texturing, richly oxidized sand-blasted surfaces with contrasting polished edges.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I create all of my wearable art and jewelry designs. In my fiber studio, I develop patterns, cut pieces by hand one-at-a-time, sew each garment start to finish. I use high-quality delicious fabrics, focusing on organic and natural fibers, treasures from our travels, unique fabrics and finishings. The same is true in my jewelry studio, from creating dies for hydraulic forming; sawing, filing, sanding, and texturing each component; to enameling, soldering, setting stones, and finishing.

    A: I love the tactile nature of both fiber and jewelry, and I experience the work through my fingers as much as through my eyes. While it’s a challenge to maintain two studio practices, I truly value being able to move between them and find each feeds the other.

    A: In my Encoded Series, a secret word is stitched in Morse code on each piece. One of the first pieces I created in this series was in honor of my late father-in-law, who spent his career in the intelligence community. Having studied several foreign languages (my bachelor’s degree is in Russian language), and reading music, I remain fascinated by how we convey meaning through mark-making.

    A: If by wonder, we mean questions…that is one of the central parts of my artistic practice. What happens if we move a line here? How do our clothes make us carry ourselves differently? What is the act of creation? If we mean awe or delight or amazement, there is an intense satisfaction in finishing a piece and knowing it is just as it should be, and that moment of connection when someone else responds to the work in the same way.

    A: I have been inspired and guided by all the amazing artists I’ve encountered, both in person and through their work. I was a customer at the ACC Baltimore show before I became an exhibiting artist, and I benefited so much from the wisdom and generosity of so many artist mentors, and all those who encouraged me to pursue this path.

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