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    Form, line, silhouette, surface.... I get lost in the surface! I love my glazes, all of which I make myself, in my studio in SF, and I love experimenting. I throw porcelain forms on the wheel and make work primarily for decoration. Art and craft, utilitarian or not, is important to our eye and to our heart. BA in Fine Arts, emphasis on painting and drawing from SF State University and an additional degree in ceramics decades later. I live in San Francisco with my husband and young daughter.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I use porcelain clay exclusively, from Laguna clay. I make all my glazes with powered minerals and get all supplies from stores in the Bay Area. I create each piece, individually, on a pottery wheel, and let them dry slowly over a few days, then trim them to the final shape. I continue to let them dry slowly over several days or weeks until they are fully dry, then I refine them with a light sanding and sponging and bisque fire them to 1980 degrees. I sand the bisqued work until the surfaces are smooth, then wash them. Once they are fully dry I glaze them, dry them again and fire them to 2300 degrees. I include a slow cool phase in firing once the top temp is reached then drops to 1980. That temp is maintained for 2 hours then the kiln is allowed to cool down. I like the effects in the glazes with this slow cool period. Once the kiln is unloaded I sand any bare porcelain sections of the works to remove any slightly rough spots that come out in the final firing. Then the work is photographed and cataloged.

    A: The fluidity and the strength of the porcelain clay I use. My ability to make elegant and beautiful forms with lovely lines and sensuous shapes. And the magic that occurs in a glaze firing, where so many surprisingly beautiful things happen with my glazes at 2300 degrees.

    A: The sheer joy of my hands on my materials, as always. I am very lucky to still be able to work in this very strange time, since my studio is in my home. And to have my website for sales.

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