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    Form, line, silhouette, surface.... I get lost in the surface! I love my glazes, all of which I make myself, in my studio in SF, and I love experimenting. I throw porcelain forms on the wheel and make work primarily for decoration. Art and craft, utilitarian or not, is important to our eye and to our heart. BA in Fine Arts, emphasis on painting and drawing from SF State University and an additional degree in ceramics decades later. I live in San Francisco with my husband and young daughter.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: All pieces are thrown on a pottery wheel from porcelain clay. The glazes are made in the studio from dry minerals and all aspects of the process are done by the artist; throwing, trimming, refining, sanding, glazing and firing, (as well as photography, marketing, sales, shipping and website management)

    A: I use porcelain clay and dry minerals to create my forms and glazes. I love the smooth surface and very white color of the porcelain. I am very specific about the surface of the work and have developed my own glazes and modified existing recipes to achieve the look I want. The new black porcelain is allowing me to focus more on the bare, smooth surface and more refined edges.

    A: I make all my glazes from dry minerals in my studio. I find and test recipes from many sources and modify glaze recipes as I go along. I love to experiment. My work is primarily decorative, not meant for use with food. So my forms are strongly design driven and focused on form.

    A: I am inspired by many different things and have a degree in Fine art with an emphasis on drawing and painting as well as a ceramics degree. Some of my main inspirations are Japanese and mid-century Scandinavian ceramics and glazes. I am also very inspired by the forms of American woodturner Bob Stocksdale (1913-2003).

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