Lingua Nigra

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  • About This Artist

    Alicia is a Chicago based jeweler who specializes in creating textures loosely based on the randomness of nature. Her work incorporates simple shapes with deep patterns in metal, creating dimensional and functional art. The work is also inspired by Meso American gold adornment as well as mourning jewelry of the Victorian era. Her love of craft knows no bounds and can be seen in her detailed, rich work.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My work is based primarily on nature and the constant unpredictability of her force. I create organic texture using acid and/or reticulation on metal, mostly brass. I also work with natural items such as bone, wings and shell in unusual ways to hark back to when adornment was more unpredictable, textural and told a story. The work that I present is timeless, unpredictable and new for so many people. It explores what nature has given us to work with in terms of adornment of ourselves and our environment.

    A: The medium chose me, I was meant to make something for the body. I just love seeing how people look when they wear my work, things that were an idea that is now on a body.

    A: Oh wow, podcasts and instagram! No, but really, talks with friends and walks along the lake when I have a chance. I've been trying to exercise more, just something to move my body that doesn't require hunching down, it really helps me get back to the studio energized.

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