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  • About This Artist

    Limba Gal Jewelry is an eponymous brand named after my childhood nickname referencing the Limba tribe of Sierra Leone, West Africa of which I am a descendant. Limba Gal Jewelry creates distinctive handcrafted jewelry for global citizens who express their stories through personal style and adornment. Honoring the tradition of African craftsmanship, each piece is hand-fabricated from quality, raw materials with attention to detail.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I work with a variety of metals and natural gemstones. I try to use as much recycled material as possible and often use metal from existing objects that I source in my area. Depending on what I am creating my process varies between fabrication, wax carving and some lost wax casting.

    A: I love the feeling of losing myself in the process of creation.There is almost unlimited potential In what can be created from a pile raw materials, imagination and a little hard work.

    A: As a naturally curious person I am continually inspired by the world around me. Since the pandemic has limited my ability to go to museums or cultural events I have become the queen of virtual talks and workshops! I also spend a lot of time talking to my creative peers, reading and listening to experimental music.

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