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    I was born a maker and nurtured to see the world with an artists eye. I make each piece by hand using minimal tools with careful attention to detail so that every piece reaches that perfect balance where nothing need be added and nothing taken away. I work in precious metals, designer cabochons, gemstones and high karat gold. Every piece is unique. My jewelry is designed for the confident woman with a well established sense of self expression, who knows the importance of art in your society.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Each piece is first conceived on paper, I draw every detail arranging the colors and lines until they sing. Using minimal tools and ancient techniques the piece is hand fabricated with close attention to clean, precise workmanship. Every piece is hand finished with a eye to balancing shape, texture and color.

    A: I have been working in metal for over 38 years and everyday I am eager to explore the medium further. Sterling and gold are the perfect balance of Yin and Yang. Incorporating gemstones in my work satisfies my love of color and I am a self confessed rock hound! I love finding the perfect complimentary design for a stone.

    A: I would say that my choice of gemstones and cabochons is one of the unique aspects of my work. I carefully consider each stone for its inherent beauty then carefully access it's cut, clarity of color and elegance of shape. Balancing the inherent beauty of a stone with a design in metal is also a signature of my one of a kind art jewelry pieces.

    A: I am a student of all forms of art but the art created during the American Arts and Crafts Movement is of particular inspiration.

    A: I was raised by professional artists. So from an early age I learned to appreciate the importance of art in our culture. I believe that art and craft are one in the pursuit of excellence in design, and the expression of spirit through insight and skill. Every artist has a responsibility to educate as well as create, to train the next generation of artists and to groom future collectors. A society without art is a society without a soul.

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