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    Founder and maker, Bethany James creates textural works that blend modern forms and old techniques with innovative style to create bold, striking and elegant statements in precious metals. Since 2018, she has been a full time studio jeweler selling her work at art festivals, galleries, and online. With her vast experience across the jewelry industry, she teaches jewelry and metal smithing at Columbus College of Art and Design and various workshops across the country. Bethany was awarded 2020 Halstead Grant Semi Finalist and 2019 Halstead Grant Top 10 Finalist for emerging jewelry designers.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I fabricate pieces in silver or carve pieces in wax and cast them to make multiples as part of my production line. I fully fabricate one-of-a-kind pieces as well. Once fabricated, I meticulously engrave a repeated line texture on the metals surface by hand. This meditative process transforms the metals surface by reflecting many colors in the light when worn.

    A: I enjoy the challenge of transforming a cold, hard and stiff material like metal into delicate, warm and lustrous jewelry pieces. There is something beautiful about creating wearable pieces that people physically hold so close, almost becoming a piece of them. It’s not just about wearing beautiful work; I believe jewelry is about all of the memory’s jewelry holds and how it makes you feel when wearing your favorite pieces.

    A: My love for vintage architecture and homes comes out through my design process. I find inspiration in vintage wallpaper designs. I take designs from the 1940s and modernize them into repeated patterns.

    A: My grandmother and the jewelry she wore inspires my process and designs. I value her jewelry pieces just because she worn them and when I wear them I am reminded of her. I like to think about what she was doing many years ago and how many memories she made while wearing the same jewelry I am now wearing.

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