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    My work and my curiosity are life-long partners in crime. We careen around our world, with magnifying glasses and notebooks, looking for materials, information, inspiration, and new food for thought. This month it's Russian propaganda art and vintage kimono design, next month it's a walk through Grimm's forests and a series of Cold War spy novels. Little seeds from the interesting bits of life fall into the work and spring up in the most delightful ways.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I work in many different aspects of glass, from blown to cast, with an emphasis on stained glass, combining old time techniques with modern tech. I also vary approach to each work, sometimes it starts with an illustration on black scratchboard, using an exacto blade, to achieve beautiful black, scratchy lines that are reminiscent of wood block prints. From there, colors are added, and the illustration is enameled onto white milk glass. If it's an articulated piece, I paint with hamdmade glass paints straight onto glass, and use multiple firings to layer the shading and color. The final phase for all pieces are a kiln fire, solder, and finish.

    A: I have found a wonderful niche in glass that somehow allows me to use all my skills, every day. From painting to sculpture, photography, writing, web design, even the research for a piece, is extraordinarily fulfilling!

    A: Books!! The Pandemic has made it difficult to "fill the well". No new sights, no new experiences. So I've been "studying" and ordering a lot of books. A lot about poster art, illuminated manuscripts. And also a lot about folklore from all over the world. Immersing in these images and stories has given me some material to draw off of.

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