Laura Jaklitsch

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    Using my signature inlay technique, I experiment with material and color to make jewelry that is fresh, contemporary, and bold. I let the experimental wood and polyurethane inlay process direct the work, while I make deliberate color and composition choices. The resulting pieces are wearable works of art, with color palettes that evoke a sense of place or a feeling. Like all craft, jewelry is a vessel for memory and meaning in our daily lives.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My work is made from an experimental inlay process involving wood and polyurethane. I begin by making a mold around pieces of wood, and pour the dyed polyurethane into the mold. I then cut into the resulting block, and repeat the process, one color at a time. The woods I use in my work are cutoffs sourced from other wood workers or companies that use responsible forestry practices, and the sterling silver is recycled.

    A: I love the transformation of materials, and the ability to bring color into the work.

    A: Staying engaged with my craft community and hearing from clients who love wearing my jewelry.

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