Laura Jaklitsch

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    With an appreciation for modern design and a dedication to craftsmanship, Laura Jaklitsch fabricates each piece of jewelry by hand in her Somerville, MA studio. Every piece is a one-of-a-kind, wearable work of art. Laura's fresh, modern take on wood jewelry is designed to be bold, with a style that's both sophisticated and playful.   Originally from California, Laura holds a BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and has been making jewelry for 16 years.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My work is made from an experimental inlay process involving wood and polyurethane. I begin by making a mold around pieces of wood, and pour the dyed polyurethane into the mold. I then cut into the resulting block, and repeat the process, one color at a time. I let the process direct the work, while making deliberate color and composition choices.

    A: I’ve always loved working with my hands in a small scale. In my current body of work, I expand on my traditional training as a jeweler to experiment with unconventional materials. The woods I use in my work are cutoffs sourced from other wood workers or companies that use responsible forestry practices. I love the natural colors, figuring, and luster of wood and often use it as a jumping off point in my work.

    A: The color palette evolves organically as I am making each piece. My color language is informed by memories of growing up in California, observation of the world around me, photographs of landscapes, and how I imagine those places might feel. Every color in my work is made from white resin mixed with 4 dyes: red, blue, yellow, and black.

    A: Growing up in California surrounded by mid-century modern architecture had a strong influence on my design sense that has shaped my work.

    A: The wood in my work consists of cut-offs sourced from other makers that they are unable to use. Their shapes and features are often informed by the work that they do such as wood turning or guitar making. I love that in this way, my work becomes a collaboration and a conversation with other makers in the larger craft community.

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