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    The story of Laura Burkett Designs happens to be an Italian love story. Having traveled to Perugia to learn the language, Laura ended up staying for three years and absorbing all she could about the leather industry and its traditions. She was awed and inspired by the craftsmanship and quality of work she saw there, but had some ideas of her own for maximizing functionality alongside beauty. Her bags and home decor items reflect a sense of tradition along with a contemporary look and feel.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Premium, full-grain leather with a rich, supple hand which I personally hand select. I begin developing a new piece with conceptual designs that are sketched out and prototyped in order for pattern pieces to be made. When I'm happy with the prototype(s), I begin production of each piece by choosing the best part of the hide from which to cut and get to carefully cutting! I then do the pre-construction with industrial glue or tailor's tape to hold everything together. (The amount of prep work required before sewing has always amazed me!) It's always exciting to get near the finish line and realize that the piece is actually going to go out into the world and - with any luck - have a good long life.

    A: Initially, it was both the smell and 'hand' of the leathers I encountered when I lived in Italy. I loved the fact that if the leather is of high quality, you need very little embellishment in order for it to make a beautiful piece that can last for many years. I've always loved bags - purses, totes, messengers, all of them! - and the idea of making bags that are are functional as they are good-looking really appealed to me.

    A: Super long walks, experimenting outside of my normal 'realm' of bags (e.g., home decor), and the discovery of 'real' headphones... the kind audiophiles use to listen to classical music. I studied classical piano for quite a few years (still play a bit) and had forgotten just how important classical music is to me - both playing and listening.

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