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    As an artist I create large-scale public sculptures, epic ephemeral installations, and small intimate objects that create wonder in the palm of a hand. A love of universal shapes, as well as a fascination with elemental materials (bronze, copper, honey, beeswax, salt, paper, water and light) have inspired 30 years of my work. The final pieces – sculptures and objects of craft – draw deep ballast from history, human experience and the natural world to evoke a re-discovery of awareness, perception and phenomenological experience.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: The metal works I make involve transformation: Original split bamboo fish traps, heirloom fruits, woven textiles and recreated bird nests in budding trees are cast into bronze so fragile forms become enduring echoes. Each object is created through ancient techniques of bronze casting, work in lost wax and skillful patina. The final pieces, intentionally created at the scale of a hand, center intimate perceptual experiences to catalyze an ineffable sense of connection and wonder.

    A: I create resolved sculptural forms in bronze that pursue intimate perceptual experiences of both art and craft. I search for opportunities where beauty, hope and shared wonder are still buoyant, and I strive to create work where universal shapes and collective memory converge. I am fascinated by deep but still-buoyant mythological questions and yearn for places and forms where opposite ideas may congruently exist.

    A: Working in bronze and metal allows me to become part of an ancient lineage of alchemical makers who create and guard what is treasured. It is a process guided by wonder, patience, fascination, mastery and failure with a keen desire to preserve what is fleeting and vanishing.

    A: My first places of making things were the tide pools of southern California and later the cottonwoods behind our cabin in Alaska. Surrounded by landscapes of infinite beauty, this love of wonder led me to studies in biology, and later art, to foster a re-discovery of perceptual experiences, awe and connection. Within the act of making something, especially in craft, I relish how objects are prized and shared by hand, and that the value of something is known and achieved by the enduring experience held within. Moments of wonder are laced and woven throughout the entire experience.

    A: Creating work can be a solitary experience and sustaining a sustainable life of an artist requires harbor and anchor. During this uncertain time, I draw ballast from those who worked the stone and metal fragments I have found in walks across different landscapes - grinding stones, tool heads, pointed pieces of flint - all created by ancient peoples. These people too worked materials, hurt their fingers and fell in love with a shape or form to create an object of hopeful use or value. For me this is a marvelous connection: Their work has endured and their objects fit beautifully into my hand.

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