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    LA LOUPE DESIGN has its origins in Argentina where Jorgelina Lopez, a Textile Designer, started exploring fiber as a tridimensional medium at her studio in Buenos Aires. In 2016, she relocated to Baltimore and officially launched her first lighting collection in collaboration with her partner Marco Duenas, a wood and cross-disciplinary artist. Influenced both by Japanese and Mid-Century design La Loupe explores the connection between contemporary design and traditional crafts.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: As a textile designer my main medium of expression is fiber. At this moment I work mostly with linen for the creation of the shades of my lighting collection and also work in collaboration with my husband Marco Duenas incorporating traditional woodworking. The wood is sourced from a local lumber yard and we mostly use Black American walnut The linen is from a Californian supplier who works with a variety of imported linen. At this moment I also working on a new collaborative project with "Blue Light Junction" where I incorporate their locally grown indigo into La Loupe Ori Collection. Working with geometric patterns and exploring different textile techniques and materials, is an important part of my creative process.

    A: As a textile designer, I aim to integrate textile language and its expression with different kind of arts, craft, and materials. A new collection could be a new material or a new combination of materials that the main inspiration is its exploration.

    A: Taking long walks in nature inspires me and gives me encouragement to keep creating. I'm passionate about observing how nature evolves, its patterns, colors. By observing the structural pattern in nature I find the same system of textile language and that nourishes my work. The name of my studio is related to this idea of observation and exploration. "la loupe" which means "magnified glass" in French, an object that allows us to observe this beautiful and world around us. Also working in collaboration with local artists open my creativity to expand my work on new projects. Exploring materials and techniques is an important part of my inspiration and creative process as well. "

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