L & S CYLINDER/ Chickenscratch

L & S CYLINDER/ Chickenscratch

About The Artist

Lisa & Scott Cylinder • Brunswick, ME

Ours is a collaboration of two sets of ideas, techniques and hands working together to create each single piece. We incorporate found objects as Materials, Colors, and sometimes they are charged with inherent meaning. It is in this re-invention, disguising and re-interpretation that we incorporate these parts into our finished pieces. We are concerned with telling relevant stories of our specific time and place; Tales of Nature, Love, and of living in the Present while referencing the Past.


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Q&A with the Artist

Tell us how your work is made.

Our limited production work (Chickenscratch) is designed and fabricated by hand from brass, copper and nickel silver sheet and wire by us. Plastics, epoxy resin and found objects also make their way into this narrative work. For our One-Of works, we often start with hand culled found objects that we see as materials, and more often than not, alter the objects and take them out of their original context. We take a no holds barred attitude about these pieces in so far as materials, techniques and subject matter. All of our work is made without assistants by the two of us.

What makes you passionate about the medium you work with?

We are both university trained as jewelers/metalsmiths, which is where we met. We were both absorbed by the medium since an early age, and the combination of our skill sets and ideas has kept us engaged with each other and our collaboration for over 34 years. The materials and processes that we incorporate are ever evolving, which keeps our minds active and loving what we do. Our work is a passion on multiple levels.

What is something unique about you or your practice?

The most unexpected element about our work is trying to find the found objects which we incorporate and manipulate within our pieces. These are not parts that we simply "set" in our work. These are fascinating objects taken out of context. We continue to explore vintage games and their parts, vintage enamel pocket watch faces, vintage small tools and musical instrument parts, to name a few. These found objects are often imbued with inherent meaning that dictate the narrative of a piece. Plus the fact that we collaborate on each and every piece is unfathomable by many.