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    Our collaboration began in 1988, shortly after graduating from college and getting married, when we decided to pool our respective skills and talents to create limited production jewelry. After having established ourselves as Chickenscratch, we craved a more challenging avenue and began collaborating on One-Of-A-Kind work as L&S Cylinder, mostly incorporating found objects. We design and fabricate each and every piece together, often passing a work back and forth dozens of times. We have a shared love for what we do and a deep drive to create.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A:  The common thread throughout our work has been a hunger to explore, utilize and manipulate a multitude of media. Often starting with found objects, we reinterpret these objects as materials, removing them from their original context. We are inextricably tied to Crafts through our overwhelming concern with material choices and handwork. We take a no-holds-barred attitude about materials and employ whatever techniques are appropriate to achieve our creative aim.

    A:  We both have a deep love and respect for Art, Jewelry and Crafts, and their histories, and a drive to explore materials and reinterpret, deconstruct and reincorporate found objects into our fabricated creations. The search for fascinating found objects that we both relate to informs and edits our mutual decisions about what we make and how it gets made.

    A: The fact that we have been married for 33 years and have worked together every day since, is a testament to our commitment to each other and to our studio practice. Plus the way in which we use found objects, usually taken out of context and not readily recognizable as what they once were, adds a level of intrigue beyond what a finished piece looks like. We often use wit and humor to convey our narratives, not taking ourselves too seriously.

    A: We are awed by the discarded detritus of the materials and objects that we incorporate into our work. The found objects that make it into a finished work not only have engaged us enough to use them, but also fascinate people when they discover what that object once was. That sense of discovery is what fuels our ideas and the works that we make.

    A: We are inspired by each other and our back and forth collaboration spurs us to create at a high level. Neither of us would create what we have created without the other there to inspire and push the other along.

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