Kristy Kún


This new series of handmade felt flowers features the most lightweight construction with petals of radiating opulence. Silk fabric has been felted to the surface of each petal, bringing a touchable luster to these wearable blooms.

  • Each flower is a single piece of handmade felt.

  • Size: between 5.5'“ and 6", and about 2” h

  • Wall Mounting: Mounts easily to the wall with a straight pin through the back petal.

  • Accessorize!: Permenant handcrafted stainless steel pin for securing to wearables.

  • Durability: These flowers are incredibly strong… Really, tearing apart is almost impossible. However, wearing them under a coat may collapse the petals. Care is recommended in wearing and not crushing them repeatedly.

  • Shipping: USPS Priority Mail included

ORIGINAL DESIGN: The process for creating the Opulent Flower is Kristy’s own design. She teaches the process in workshops around the world, in her Ashland, OR studio, as well as with kits and home instruction. Information on kits and workshops can be found HERE.