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    Camps paintings and dolls have appeared in over 100 solo and group exhibitions. She has received two NEA fellowships and is a Kellogg National Leadership Program Fellow. Camp also served as a museum president and CEO for 25 years and now teaches at Rutgers University. She founded Galerie Marie where people can see her work and that of over 200 international artists. She has been featured in Nouvel Objet, FiberArts, National Geographic World, the Village Voice and Smithsonian.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I use a variety of clay bodies for the heads, hands and feet including stoneware, porcelain, polymer clay and paper clay. Bodies are often fabric or animal skins (leather, suede, pigskin, etc.). I have collected materials for my dolls from all over the world, during my career as a museum president/working artist. I research what is unique to a region and make sure I find those materials while in country - camel belly leather from Fez, Morocco, silks from Japan and China, bogolanfini from western Africa. I find beads everywhere and keep a wide ranging assortment in my studio. Beads are highly prized all over the world, and can always be found here and abroad. I've found fresh water pearls, semi-precious stones, bison teeth, deer horns, snake vertebrae, wolf teeth, 400- year-old trade beads, fossilized crocodile eggs, and more in amazing places. I begin my process by making batches of hands, heads, feet, hooves, claws, horns, etc. from clay, that are then fired, baked or dried and sealed. When I start an assembly session, I reach into my box of heads and pick one that wants to be first. I then let the process evolve from there. The head dictates the size and type of body, the materials I use to make the body dictate the adornments, clothing, and other elements. Having a myriad of materials available in my studio helps me to take advantage of creative spontaneity, which is supplemented by runs for specific needs to fabric stores, bead stores, hardware stores and art supply stores. Once completed, each doll is gets a custom made metal tag with the name of my studio and signature on one side and the name, year created and a number engraved on the other side. That is the best way to ensure the authenticity of your doll!

    A: I love the tactility of the materials I use and the variety of things available that allow me to totally indulge my creativity.

    A: I am in a state of ecstasy when I am creating, and if I could I would do nothing else. Because I work with all types of media, there is always something I can create, whatever my mood.

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