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    I was born in Singapore and worked as a dentist for twenty years before moving to Atlanta in 2001 with my family. Always being very keen on the arts, I began making pottery and sculpture 15 years ago at the Spruill Art Center in Dunwoody, GA I draw inspiration from anything that catches my attention and enjoy challenging myself to new ways of expressing my art. My work always has a story, a personal narrative relying on memory and personal experiences as my subject matter.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I usually have some ideas of the form, material, and content that I want before I start, but they change as I progress. My ideas come from my feelings about anything happening around me. There are times I approach the subject without any ideas or expectations, letting the clay lead which can produce some cool results.

    A: I love clay because it listens to me; I can almost do anything I want with it. And because I enjoy challenges, pushing the limit of the clay before it fails is satisfying. In addition, the surprising results from different firings, choices of creating my own canvas for my stories, the endless possibilities for expression, and the tactile sensation the clay provides are great therapy for me.

    A: Growing up in a farm in Singapore with 9 older siblings, I had plenty of time observing nature and daydreaming as a child. Twenty years of working as a dentist exposed me to people from all walks of life and raising a special needs son changed my life perspective. All these and the cultural differences I encountered moving to America are stories in my work. I work loosely and my drawings are whimsical. I care more about the expression and energy of my work than seeking aesthetics perfection.

    A: I have been teaching an adult special needs pottery class in a community art center for 5 years. My students love coming to this space where they feel comfortable and can be creative. I love seeing the joy on their faces when they work. The progress they make in both fine-motor and social skills are incredible. Most importantly, I love that they have a safe and welcoming environment where they can create and have fun with their friends, just like everyone else!

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