Kelly Wove It

Kelly Wove It

About The Artist

Kelly Walsh • Durham, NC

I am a handweaver who designs and creates handwoven accessories and home goods. I have always been fascinated by the tactile nature of textiles, and their place in our world as functional useable items. These every day textiles can and should be elevated by quality materials and dedicated craftsmanship. Whether I'm making a one-of-a-kind dyed silk shawl, or a cotton kitchen towel, I love to apply my skill to ensure that each piece brings joy to your life every moment it is in use.


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Q&A with the Artist

Tell us how your work is made.

The art of weaving is considered one of the oldest technologies in the world, and the fundamentals have changed very little in that time. Each item I sell is constructed entirely by me, and begins its journey as loose thread eventually transformed into whole cloth. Every strand of yarn is carefully threaded into the loom, and every inch of fabric is created by building one thread on the next, interweaving them to create intricate patterns. I love weaving precisely because of how tactile it is, and how much time I get to spend touching the yarn and enjoying the colors. Because of this, every textile I weave is a pleasure to touch and look at, and is a unique creation that represents hours of a labor of love, years of study and practice, and centuries of culture and technology.

What makes you passionate about the medium you work with?

I have always been interested in science and technology as well as art. I feel that the two disciplines aren’t so different as many people think. I worked as a web developer for many years before deciding to leave the tech industry to follow my textile artist dreams. Because of this background, I love exploring the intersections between technology and art, math and color. I think this is also why I was drawn to weaving as an art. Weaving is very mathematical at heart, and looms can be considered one of the oldest pieces of technology still in use, not to mention their shared history with computers.

What is something unique about you or your practice?

In addition to being beautiful and locally made, Kelly’s handwoven scarves and shawls often include a surprising modern twist. Her most popular line of scarves include a unique feature, and they really shine! These special reflective scarves use the same material and technology as jogging clothes or safety gear, and seem to "light up" when they reflect direct light. Whether in the headlights of a car at night, or in the flash of a camera at a party - these scarves definitely make sure you'll be seen.