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    My collection is inspired by Origami. These designs push the boundaries of traditional jewelry to become small-scale wearable sculpture. I developed my folding technique to create pieces that have a graceful fluidity and big visual impact. Each piece is hand made, and focuses on ethically sourced materials, such as recycled metals and gemstones that are fair-trade, recycled, domestically sourced, or purchased from gem buyers who have direct relationships with miners from small, artisanal mines.

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    A: My work is inspired by Origami, and so I start with flat shapes fold them into voluminous three-dimensional forms. I oxidize many of my sterling silver to show off these complex forms and often further accentuate the pieces by soldering 18K gold wire along the edges to make the shapes really pop. Each piece is handmade by me, and I love to encorporate interesting and unusual gemstones.

    A: I work hard to find the most ethically sourced materials that I can. This means that I use both recycled and fair mined metals, as well as recycled, fair trade, and domestically sourced gemstones. I like to purchase my gems from smaller suppliers who have direct relationships with individual miners. At the end of the day, these gemstones are not only unique and beautiful, but also do some good in the world!

    A: I like pieces that make a big visual impact, but I also want them to feel great on the body. Using my cutout shapes with a lot of negative space allows me to create really big statement pieces that are still lightweight enough to be very comfortable. I also love to combine multiple pieces into more complex forms - the single flat shapes start out very mathematical and symmetrical, and as I fold and combine them, they become pieces that feel natural and organic.

    A: The thing that clears my mind the most and helps me get ready to design new work is going for a walk or hike in nature. I think it is a combination of the physical exercise being a way to meditate through movement, and simply being inspired by the scenery. If I am in the city, I usually take a walk by the Mississippi River - but if I can get out of town, all the better - new environments are especially inspiring!

    A: I love design collaborations - and they can be as simple as a single word of inspiration. Last year, I was asked to create five pieces for an exhibition inspired by the word "facets". It pushed me to try something new with my folded metal shapes, and I created pieces that looked like faceted metal which flashed and sparkled. The work of all of the artists in that show was amazing, and I got to know them all better through it. In one go, the show inspired new work and created a new community.

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