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    Philosophy of my work is Quality, Simplicity and Elegance. I aim to apply both traditional and modern skills to develop a variety of hat shapes and textures, transformed into multi-functional collections that can be worn in an everyday environment, and yet still has a modern twist. Each hat is formed with wooden hat block with handmade of exotic materials sourced from around the world.

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    A: I'm sourcing different materials around the world such as fabric, straw for summer hats, fur felt for winter hats. I have over hundred wooden hat blocks and I always get the materials damp with steam. Placing the material over the block and shape it with steam and stiffener. Once the material dries, I use steel wire to strengthen the durability of the hat and trim it with exotic feathers, silk flowers, acrylic shapes.

    A: The materials I am using right noncan be manipulated into different forms. You can make a structural couture hat from it or you can disassemble it and turn into a funky hat.

    A: I'm not a good illustrator. Most of my works are created by my visions, feelings, texture of fabrics/materials and experiments.

    A: Artist: Iris Van Herpen; Place: London.

    A: As one of the organizers of the global Millinery Meet-Up, I'm proud to bring the best tutors from around the world together with over 100 talented millinery artists for a week-long retreat at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. While the focus of this event is sharing millinery knowledge to sustain a centuries-old craft tradition, the event is extra special due to the camaraderie afforded by the secluded nature of the event.

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