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    I was born on a tiny Japanese island with spectacular scenery and wildflowers that became my inspiration. I discovered metalwork at University and later studied jewelry design at FIT in NYC. Initially I created large, embossed works, but eventually turned my attention to sculpture and ultimately jewelry. My design process begins with drawings which I carve in wax. Then I cast, solder and incorporate my signature Dune texture. No craft no life. Especially now I feel creativity is very important.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I try to create lasting modern designs that are inspired by crashing waves or blowing sand and beautiful wildflowers. First, I draw a design and then I decide how to make it. I try to incorporate my signature Dune texture on most of my pieces. I usually carve my design in wax to create movement before casting it. Then I solder together the pieces, set the stones and hand fabricate the remaining parts before polishing it. I often use melee diamonds on oxidized sterling silver to add accents.

    A: Jewelry is small and wearable sculpture! Precious metals and gemstones keep their shape and color so jewelry can be handed down through generations and remain timeless. I love interpreting nature in my work and bringing happiness to people’s lives. I also enjoy the creative process and figuring out how to bring my vision to life. When a piece is successful it brings me a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

    A: The uniqueness of my work is in its texture and simplicity of form. I was born on a tiny island off the northern most tip of Japan and never could envision a path to take me outside of Japan much less to New York City. Despite my journey, I draw on my background to bring my jewelry to life.

    A: I try to create my jewelry to be consistent and uniform, especially custom order items based on my original designs. But each time I wonder if I should change the way I make it: Would it be prettier? Would it be easier? Would it be cleaner? Sometimes I make a small change and am surprised by the large difference it makes.

    A: I love Ansel Adams’ beautiful nature photography. I don’t make my jewelry to literally replicate nature, but his photography is a major influence on my esthetic. I strive to interpret nature with modern designs, colorful gemstones, different colored metals, and texture that suggest the natural world photographed by Adams rather than reproducing it.

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