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    Since 2006, I've been designing beaded and fine jewelry, driven by my love of past eras, and inspired by the eclecticism of the San Francisco Bay Area where I've always lived. Beadwork informs many of my designs, but in order to fully realize my concepts I came to metalsmithing about 10 years ago. Now I love to utilize both disciplines, often together, incorporating precious gems as well as beads. An increased vocabulary of craft offers new ways to communicate and grow!

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My work usually starts with pencil drawings, then colored pencil, and on graph paper to scale. What prompts the drawings? Ideas I've been carrying in my head, or a custom request. Or a beautiful detail from art or architecture, or nature.

    A: With the exception of heat and precious gemstones and metals, most are things I've been using nearly all my life: needle and thread, and beads.

    A: This question might be best answered by those who are drawn to my work, but I can say that I have little if any formal training, and I will always be inspired by my very gifted family, who have extremely high craft standards.

    A: The great movie palaces of the 1920s-1930s (some are still standing in the Bay Area) and the movies that play in them; the Victorian and Craftsman architecture of the Bay Area and beyond, and the nature of the beautiful state of California. A walk around the neighborhood or a road trip; inspiration can be found every day! The Pre-Raphaelite painters and Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

    A: Social media is under intense scrutiny at the moment so that first comes to mind; I've been exposed to, and become acquainted with, fine craft artists all over the world via social media; enriching me with tips and tricks. Many of my creations have been born via a custom request by a client who sees my work - my vision - and her/his vision births a variation on an existing theme, or something completely new. These connections often occur at ACC shows, and just talking to attendees is insightful.

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