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    Jesse Shaw is a renowned furniture designer recently featured in a masterclass article in Fine Woodworking Magazine. He began his career at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, ME in 2005, where he was awarded a fellowship that enabled him to hone his woodworking skills under the tutelage of master craftsmen. He attended design school at the Savannah College of Art and Design and was selected to study with notable furniture designers in Milan, Italy. Soon after, Jesse became the lead furniture designer for Currey & Company in Atlanta, GA. His job was to design 150 pieces a year and manage those designs in 15 factories internationally which exposed him to many fascinating manufacturing processing and techniques. The combination of traditional woodworking and high-tech manufacturing left a powerful impression that he infuses into his designs. The Boston-based master craftsman has taught woodworking classes at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education, Eliot School of Fine Art, and Tufts Museum School. Jesse has been featured in Fine Woodworking Magazine, The Boston Globe and made appearances on PBS's TV show Rough Cut Woodworking. His work has been viewed in Museums, Galleries, and Private Collections. Jesse currently makes small-batch pieces and custom furniture and lighting.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: With difficulty :)

    I use traditional woodworking methods and some modern ones to create my pieces. Every piece is hand-built myself and through exploration of combining materials I develop new designs and processes.

    A: I love trees from the shade, food and medicine they provide to how amazing and unique that wood is as a material. Wood is the most beautiful natural material to work with. One of the reasons I love to illuminate wood is that you can the intricate growth patterns of the grain when it's glowing.

    A: My work is all about creating sprial twists found in nature and illuminating wood with light.

    A: I wonder about the growth patterns of trees. How the water passes through the cellular tubes of the wood from the roots of the tree to the the top bringing nutrients throughtout. Only when illuminating the wood can you see these beautiful growth patterns. Every species of wood has its own unique hue of color.

    A: My inspirations come from the great woodworkers of the past. Designers from the 1800's like John Henry Belter and Michael Thonet are inspiring because they elevated the level of craftsmanship that was possible. Belter and Thonet created their own techniques and processes, discovering methods of bending wood that were unthinkable at the time. My method in illuminating wood uses both traditional and self developed techniques to curve and shape the wood.

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