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  • About This Artist

    When I first made spoons I worked in dozens of different woods. I was curious to see the beautiful grain patterns inside a tree. I would cut it open with my band-saw and show the beauty to other people. I developed the spoons as a way to show the magnificence of wood. Later I became interested in the design and function of the utensil. My interest now reflects "form follows function" how the spoon fits the hand as an extension of usefulness. From the hand of the artist to the hand of the chef.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I mostly use Wild Cherry Wood harvested from my own State of Pennsylvania - my process for creating my wooden spoons is my passion for useful utensils. That are safe and effective.

    A: I am a woodworker and I love to cook - I am always thinking about how to do the wooden spoon in more creative ways.

    A: I am inspired when I can show someone my work.

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