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    Jinbi's work speaks boldly for itself: custom handmade pieces developed from extraordinary techniques implementing alloys of silver, gold, Japanese metals Shakudo, Shibuichi, Mokume-gane and ready-made jewelry created from her extensive skills in silver and goldsmithing. Jinbi's love for the environment is evidenced in the composition of her pieces, implementing ethically, sustainably-mined gemstones, recycled metals, and by-hand processing and of course her own hard work.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Recycled gold and silver. Ethically and sustainably mined gemstones.

    A: I only use recycled metal and ethically, sustainably-mined gemstones as my work reflects the natural instead of taking away from it.

    A: I've been working with Japanese ancient technique--Japanese metal and Japanese inlay technique. Japan is where I spent most of my 20s and first foreign country that I lived outside of South Korea. My passion is to bring those ancient techniques to make modern and contemporary jewelry pieces.

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