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  • About This Artist

    As an architecturally trained metal sculptor, my work draws you in to alternative worlds. Just as with a whisper, miniatures encourage you to lean in and take a closer look. Through the manipulation of scale, everything is condensed in a focused field of vision. My themed vignettes convey stories through classic design and select found objects, taken out of context and reimagined. Mass production is to efficiency and basic needs as hand crafted objects are to beauty and depth of meaning.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Predominantly, I use TIG welded cold rolled steel that I buy mostly from local suppliers. I research extensively and hunt for a few selected "found" objects. Often I use miniature handmade paper books that I make. Other metals I incorporate include brass, silver, and copper.

    A: My method of working with metal is full of contradictions. I take a very strong, inherently cold material and shape it to look soft, plush, and warm.

    A: As a former architect, I research other artists from the past that are inspired by architecture, such as Piranesi and Escher.

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