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    My architectural vignettes draw the viewer in to alternative worlds through the manipulation of scale and material. Miniatures encourage taking a closer look, everything condensed in a focused field of vision. Just as when someone whispers, one must lean in and look closely. My vignettes convey a story through the use of classic furniture design and found objects, taken out of context, completely reimagined based on their shape and texture.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: The majority of my work is made of steel. I cut, shape, and TIG weld off-the-shelf steel shapes into classic and traditional forms of furniture, in miniature. I make all the accessories such as the tiny books (made from paper, cardboard, and fabric) except for a select few found objects including industrial parts and miniature glassware.

    A: My favorite part of my architectural training was designing through making models, lots of tiny models. I took my first welding class ten years ago and this new love of working with steel melded with that model making from my college years.

    A: I have always been fascinated by scale taken out of context, especially miniatures. I find it whimsical to incorporate "normal sized" items within my sculptures, giving them a little bit of the "Borrowers".

    A: My sculptures are rooted in classic literature and film; although, I always find a way to incorporate whimsy and wonder making them relatable on many levels including nostalgia and reinterpreted memories of my own.

    A: Lebbeus Woods. Drawing is not my strong suit, but I was always drawn to his fantastical worlds.

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