Jenny Foulkes

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    Jewelry is sacred. It's our family history passed down through generations. It's our expression to the world and our personal talisman. Jewelry tells the story of who we are and who we have been. I am driven to make work that is elegant and unique. Using traditional metalsmithing techniques, I join sterling silver with the rich yellow of high-karat gold and alluring gemstones to create jewelry that is fine, precious, earthy and warm: jewelry that recalls the past, yet is truly contemporary.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Using traditional metalsmithing techniques, I fuse, reticulate, hammer and imprint sterling silver to create abstract organic textures. Each piece of jewelry I create by hand. I join darkened sterling silver with artisan-cut gemstones and the rich yellow of 18 and 22 karat gold. I use recycled precious metals and responsibly sourced diamonds. The result is jewelry that is both fine and precious, yet earthy and warm. Jewelry that you can feel good about wearing.

    A: I am driven to make work that is elegant and unique. I do not draw or plan my ideas beforehand. Each piece is created through a process of intuition. My love for this artistic process can be felt in the finished work. I have been told that my jewelry has a soulfulness. I believe this is because I put my soul into my work!

    A: Creating new textures and learning new techniques keeps me inspired and passionate. Making new work from those learned techniques keeps me nourished.

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